Are Whole House Humidifiers Worth The Investment?

Have you ever asked yourself, “are whole house humidifiers worth the investment”? By investing in a whole house humidifier this winter, you can help prevent common issues relating to not just health and home comfort, but a slew of other things, too.

Take a look at our top benefits for investing in a whole house humidifier below. Some of these are sure to surprise you!

Whole House Humidifier Benefits

1. Stop dry, itchy skin
Did you know a whole home humidifier can help prevent dry, itchy skin? It’s true. As the air in your home is filled with moderate levels of humidity, it causes your skin to feel silky smooth. The reason being is because cold, dry air causes moisture to be pulled from your skin.

This can cause various problems such as dryness, flaking, and even accelerate aging. With a whole home humidifier, your skin naturally retains moisture giving you vibrant, glowing skin. That’s one great benefit of improving your air quality!

2. Prevent cracks in furniture, wood molding, and floors
As cold, dry air engulfs Maryland, it is damaging more than just your skin. It’s having adverse effects on your everyday household items and pulling moisture out of them, too.

As the moisture leaves wooden items in your home, cracks can begin to appear. This has a lasting effect on furniture and wood molding. In some cases, the lack of moisture will even take its toll on your wooden floors causing gaps to appear.

3. Affordable operating costs
While portable humidifiers need bottled water to operate at its highest efficiency, whole house humidifiers are quite the opposite. In fact, whole house humidifiers are tied right into your home’s plumbing. This saves you money as you’ll no longer have to buy pre-filtered water to fill up a portable humidifier.

You can also save energy by keeping the air in your home at an ideal humidity level. When at its optimal temperature, humid air can both hold more heat and keep your home cooler. With a whole house humidifier, you can set your thermostat back by just a few degrees and save upwards of 5% on your annual energy bills.

4. Say goodbye to static electricity
If you’re anything like us, we don’t like being shocked everytime we touch someone or one of our pets. By increasing the humidity level in your house, you can efficiently reduce static electricity in your home. Now those are some shocking results!

5. Reduce sinus and respiratory problems
Just like how cold, dry air sucks moisture out of your skin, it has the same effects on your nose and throat. By installing a whole home humidifier, moisture flowing through the air can pass through your nasal cavities and throat. As a result, a whole house humidifier can reduce sinus and respiratory problems. Say goodbye to dry throats, bloody noses and painful coughing.

So what do you think; are whole house humidifiers worth the investment?

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