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When winter weather hits, you need a reliable and efficient heater to keep you warm. When your furnace breaks down on the weekend or in the middle of the night, who can you call for service? At Supreme Service Today, we’re Baltimore’s reliable HVAC company offering 24/7 emergency heating repair service in Baltimore and surrounding areas. Don’t end up in the cold! Call us at the first sign of an issue to restore your heater and keep your home warm.

You can prevent the need for repairs by scheduling preventative heat pump maintenance service!


When Should You Call for Heating Repairs?

Many people only think to call when their heater stops working entirely. You can avoid the stress and urgency of a complete breakdown by noticing common warning signs. Monitor your furnace or heater for these common issues:

Issues Producing Sufficient Heat

When the unit struggles to supply enough heat, call us for repairs to ensure your home stays warm.

Unusual Noises

Strange rattling, whistling, or clanging noises coming from your heater may indicate a loose or broken part.

Abnormal Odors

Unusual smells radiating from the vents likely result from an internal furnace problem.

High Energy Bills

A faulty heater requires more energy to supply enough heat. A significant increase in your heating bill may indicate the need for repairs.

If you notice these issues, call us for furnace repair near Baltimore, MD

Benefits of Prompt Furnace Repair in Ellicott City & Baltimore, MD

You can often avoid larger heating issues by scheduling annual furnace service. Here are some benefits of routine maintenance for your gas furnace or oil furnace:

Greater Energy Savings

When a heater runs at its best, it uses less power to distribute the necessary heat. This benefits the environment and allows you to save on your energy bill.

Improved Air Quality

Clean internal components improve the quality of the air your heater distributes throughout your home.

Extended Unit Lifespan

Keeping up with maintenance for your heater or furnace can reduce the effects of regular wear and tear to expand the working lifespan of the unit and prevent major issues.

The final cost of heating repair depends on the problem’s nature, the unit’s age, and other factors. Typically, repairs cost between $250 and $1,500. Our approach involves conducting a thorough evaluation and presenting various options to fit most budgets, which may even include financing.

24-hour and Same-day Heating Repair Near Baltimore, MD

Heating emergencies happen, and our team ensures that you don’t stay cold for long. As a trusted furnace repair company in Baltimore & Ellicott City MD, we’re available whenever you need us. The 24-hour service hotline is open for emergency repairs in commercial and residential buildings, so don’t hesitate to call.

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