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A heat pump works double duty to both heat and cool your home. Maintaining and repairing your heat pump provides you with comfortable and efficient heat and AC year-round. If you’re looking for reliable heat pump repair in Baltimore MD, look no further than Supreme Service Today for quality installation, service, and repairs. We’re a local, family-owned company, and we put honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship into every residential and commercial heat pump service.

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Common Signs of Heat Pump Problems

When your heat pump needs repairs, it may show signs of damage. Look for the following signs that it’s time to call us for repairs:

Unusual Sounds

Rattling, whistling, or knocking from the heat pump may indicate a loose or broken part.

Strange Smells

Unusual odors coming from the heat pump often occur from internal issues that require repairs.

Inconsistent Temperatures

The heat pump controls the temperature throughout your home. When the temperature becomes inconsistent, your pump may need repairs.

Increased Energy Bills

A damaged heat pump requires more power and electricity. A spike in your energy bill indicates a problem with the pump.

Scheduling repairs at the first sign of an issue can reduce emergencies and improve the efficiency and longevity of your pump. Call us right away for prompt heat pump repair.

Our Heat Pump Repair Services and Routine Maintenance in Baltimore, MD

Heat pump repair and maintenance services offer many benefits to protect your home, save you money, and extend the life of your equipment. At Supreme Service Today, we offer common heat pump repair in Baltimore, MD, to promote efficient heat pump operation:


Scheduling an annual heat pump inspection allows for proactive repairs that can prevent emergencies and improve efficiency.

Part Replacements

Replacing any part of the heat pump that has damage, rust, or wear improves its ability to function properly and prevents issues from occurring in the system.

Routine Cleaning

The filter and area surrounding the heat pump may experience blockages that reduce airflow. Our heat pump technicians can clean and replace filters regularly for better air quality and flow.

The final cost of ​​heat pump repair can vary based on how complicated the repairs can be. On average, you are expected to pay between $250 -$1,500, but we believe in performing a full assessment and providing multiple options to meet most budgets, including financing.

Local Heat Pump Repairs You Can Count On in Baltimore

Consider scheduling routine heat pump maintenance to get the most from your equipment!

At Supreme Service Today, we provide heat pump repairs near Baltimore, MD, as well as heat pump repair service in Ellicott City, MD. We offer 24-hour availability for emergency services and pride ourselves on bringing high-quality and honest work to our community.


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