What The Ban On Freon Means For Homeowners

While you might not be tuned in to the latest refrigerant news, Supreme Service Today is always keeping tabs on changes in the heating and cooling industry. One such topic that’s all the buzz right now is the ban on the refrigerant, R22. Read on to find out what this ban means for both your home and your cooling bills.

What’s Wrong With R22?

R22, also known as Freon, has been outlawed for use in new products as of 2015, due to its severe environmental consequences. R22 is commonly used in household air conditioning and refrigeration appliances, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is ready to replace the widespread use of this particular refrigerant with more ‘green’ alternatives.

According to the EPA’s phaseout plan, by 2020, this refrigerant will no longer be produced in any capacity, and those still using old systems will be at the mercy of an ever-depleting stockpile.

Next Steps for Homeowners

Homeowners who currently rely on a heating and cooling system that uses R22 have a couple of options to consider. Unfortunately, the decrease in production has already sent R22 costs soaring, which means you’re already losing money on the status quo.

Installing a new system is usually a homeowner’s best option in the long run. As we mentioned above, you’re already facing greater costs to maintain that R22-based system, but a system that’s getting on in years could be costing you in other ways.

  • Newer models produce similar or better results than their predecessors with less energy, meaning lower utility bills for the same comfort.
  • Breakdowns, which are bound to happen more and more frequently as a heating and cooling system ages, are costly and can’t be ignored.
  • Cleaner air is often a perk of new heating and cooling systems’ updated filtration abilities, which in turn means a healthier home. (Interested in healthier air for your home? We can help.)

Whether it’s time to replace your system or just time for a tune-up, call Supreme Service Today at (410) 846-6751 to be comfortable and save money in your home.