3 Reasons You Need To Know How To Change Your Air Filter


Stay Healthy

A clean filter will keep your home more comfortable while helping to avoid possible health problems. It has been shown that allergies, respiratory problems, and other illnesses can result from a dirty filter causing bad air circulation.

Simply keeping an eye on your air filter and swapping it out every 30-60 days could prevent a tough allergy season or extra summer colds. That healthy air means fewer sick days or trips to the doctor, and more time and money for you.

Fewer Cleanings

Taking care of your air quality is a no brainer – but the benefits can translate into savings, too! Though your home’s heating and cooling air ducts are often forgotten, they hugely impact the air quality in your home.

While we still recommend periodic cleaning of your ducts, a clean air filter means there’s less dirt and dust escaping your air conditioner and landing in your ducts. That dirt gets blown around your home every time the fan kicks on. Cleaner ducts mean you spend less time and money cleaning up dust and dirt around your home, not to mention cleaning your ducts.

Fewer Breakdowns

Regular maintenance helps your system run better, longer. A dirty air filter makes your air conditioner work harder and contributes to eventual breakdowns. However, simply swapping out your air filter each month, as needed, can help cut down on expensive service calls.

Rather than waiting in the heat to get your AC fixed, we recommend doing a little research to figure out the appropriate air filter for your system and setting a reminder on your calendar each month to make the switch.

If you’re keeping track of your air filter, but your system still isn’t running at the top of its game, call Supreme Service Today at (410) 846-6751. We’ll be happy to help you get ready for summer.