3 Things You Can’t Forget Before Turning On Your AC This Spring


It’s officially Spring and that means flowers are blooming, the weather is warming up and air conditioners are coming on.

After a few months of your AC being idle, you might find yourself powering it up again.

Before you do this, there are some actions you should take to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Three things you can’t forget before turning on your AC this spring

Inspect the Condenser

The condenser fan is the part of your air conditioning system that is located outside of your house. Go outside and check the unit (the condenser), making sure that nothing is blocking the fan or sitting on it. As the seasons have changed, leaves and other debris may have made a home around or inside the unit. Clean off any blockage or debris you find. While this isn’t a primary source of serious damage, the blockage can affect the performance of the system. Also, don’t just look on the outside of the unit — take off the outside cover and remove anything that might be trapped within. While clearing your unit, BE SURE THAT IT IS TURNED OFF. If you live with others, make sure they know what you are doing and not turn back on the unit until you are finished.

Check the Air Filter

Even when it isn’t in use, your air filter can collect dust and dander, especially in homes with indoor pets. A clogged or dirty air filter can prevent your unit from working efficiently, causing it to work harder and ultimately putting it at risk for severe damage. There are several sizes of air filters and if you aren’t sure what size you need many stores can identify the size you need if you bring in the one you are discarding.  Most filters should be changed at least every three months but may need to be changed more often depending on your unit type and screen size.

Monitor the First Run

When you turn your unit on for the first time you want to make sure someone who is capable of shutting it off will be in the home to monitor it. Sometimes your unit may release a strange smell the first time it’s used or may make a noise; this is entirely normal. If it is an extreme noise or smell, the unit sounds as if it is struggling to cool the air or only blowing out hot air after it has been on for a while, then we suggest turning off the unit. Don’t try to inspect things yourself; DIY air conditioning repairs can be dangerous and costly in the long-run. If you are need of air conditioning services in the Baltimore area, contact Supreme Service Today.