5 Best Tips For Garbage Disposal Maintenance


Did you know that your garbage disposal is a green machine? In fact, the hidden household device under your sink helps decrease the amount of food waste that would otherwise be sent to a local landfill.

While they’re great for pulverizing last week’s leftovers or expired food, garbage disposal maintenance can be tedious. Following these easy tips will help if you’re experiencing disposal dilemmas.

Garbage disposal maintenance tips

Tip #1: Avoid expandable foods.

When it comes to the food you put down your drain, avoid stuffing starches into your garbage disposal. Rice, mashed potatoes and pasta continue to expand in water even after they’re fully cooked. Over time, starchy food buildup can clog your pipes and lead to further and more expensive issues.

Tip #2: Cut scraps into small pieces.

If your garbage disposal isn’t cutting it, then you might need to think about cutting food scraps smaller. Even though your disposal can handle a lot, you should avoid throwing large amounts or big chunks of cooked meat scraps down the drain. If you happen to do so, make sure to contact a drain cleaning company to make sure everything remains in working order.

Tip #3: Use cold water.

It might not seem important, but the temperature of the water you use in your garbage disposal is crucial. By using cool water, the grease that may have unintentionally landed in your disposal will remain solid as the cold water passes through. You can thank us later.

Tip #4: Keep it clean.

Garbage disposals can be stinky. Avoid any funky smells by freezing vinegar in ice cube trays and turning on your disposal. You can also put small portions of citrus fruits like lemons or oranges down the disposal to help keep your sink smelling fresh.

Tip #5: Ask for professional advice.

While there are many common issues and troubleshooting techniques, you can also call a local plumbing professional for help. A more serious situation can arise if you try to solve a garbage disposal issue yourself.

Garbage disposals and other household appliances are complex machines and while these tips are helpful, don’t hesitate to call Supreme Service Today for all of your local plumbing needs.