How Much Will A New Furnace Save You On Energy Bills?


If the time has come for you to get a new furnace, it couldn’t have happened at a better stage in furnace technology. While no one wants to pay for a new appliance, the good news is with today’s high-efficiency furnaces, you will recoup your investment in a mere 3-5 years.

With utility costs showing no signs of decreasing, and natural resources becoming scarcer, this is an excellent time to get a new furnace.

Heating & Cooling Costs Are a Big Part of Your Budget

The Department of Energy indicates that at least 56% of all utility costs are used by heating and cooling devices. In the winter a three hundred to four hundred-dollar gas bill can be the norm.

Multiply that number by a few years and you can see where a large percentage of your household budget is disappearing. Your old furnace is wasting money. On average, your old furnace is losing up to 45% of the heat it generates due to outdated design principles. That number increases with age as the unit slowly becomes less efficient. Sure it still works, but is it worth the price of astronomical heating bills?

A New Furnace Can Cut Heating Bills in Half

Furnace efficiency is measured by how well a furnace takes a set amount of fuel and converts it into heat for the whole house. New furnaces require a very small amount of fuel to do the job your old furnace does while taking in twice that much fuel. When you cut your usage in half, you save lots of money.

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