How To Fix A Clogged Garbage Disposal


No matter how careful you are, a clogged garbage disposal is inevitable. Disposals can become clogged for a number reasons, many of which can be unforeseeable. Whether your teenager dumped coffee grounds down the drain or your toddler decided the sink would make a nice swimming pool for her toys, your clogged sink can be easily fixed. Follow these safe and easy steps to have your disposal fixed in no time.

Clogged garbage disposal

  • Turn your clogged garbage disposal off: This is important because injuries can occur if the power is left on while you’re trying to unclog the disposal. The power switch can be found underneath your kitchen sink. If you don’t see one there, try looking at your power panel and turning off the breaker that powers the disposal.
  • Take a peek with a flashlight: Most items that clog the garbage disposal can be seen with the naked eye. Use your phone or a flashlight to help you look inside your garbage disposal for any large items that might be causing an issue
  • Use pliers to remove objects: Even though the clogged garbage disposal is turned off, never place your hand directly inside. If you see something that may be causing a problem, use pliers or a specialty tool to safely remove it.
  • Wait for the motor to cool: Once you have discovered the problem and removed the object, wait a few minutes for your disposal motor to cool off. Afterward, turn the power switch back on and push the reset button. If you notice your garbage disposal is still jammed, you might have a more serious issue. The next step would be to call your local drain cleaning company to have it serviced by professional plumbers.

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