Why Choose Geothermal Energy? Clean, Safe & Eco-Friendly


Have you asked yourself why you should choose geothermal energy for your home? As one of the industry’s most experienced geothermal energy design and installation companies in the state of Maryland, Supreme Service Today knows a thing or two about geothermal energy.

As a clean, safe and eco-friendly way to bring renewable energy to your home, take a look at the benefits of upgrading to a geothermal energy alternative in your home today!

Why choose geothermal energy?

It is eco-friendly
1. Did you know geothermal energy plants involve no forms of combustion? It’s true. It’s also a complete opposite form of energy as compared to fossil fuels which are known to emit plenty of greenhouse gases. Binary geothermal power plants emit close to no greenhouse gases in the world’s atmosphere and are extremely eco-friendly.
Geothermal energy is ranked among some of the most efficient in cooling and heating systems available today. It uses a relatively low amount of power due to their low electricity requirement. As an added benefit, it also ranks among the smallest amount of land used per kilowatt of all electricity produced in the world today. This includes nuclear, coal and other renewable energies.

2. Notable savings on your utility bills
While a geothermal energy system may require an upfront investment, many homeowners fail to realize the remarkable difference they can make. Don’t forget to look at it from the bigger picture. Once your geothermal system is set up, you’ll immediately notice a huge drop in your monthly utility bill. Sometimes these savings can wrack up to as much as 50%, making the installation of a geothermal system extremely affordable! Generally speaking, geothermal energy uses a very small amount of energy to move heat energy in between the ground and your house. On average, most systems are on a 4:1 ratio, meaning for every unit of energy used to keep the system operating, 4 units of energy are created.

3. It produces hot water
Another perk of geothermal energy is its ability to generate hot water. Geothermal systems are capable of providing nearly all of the hot water you’ll need within your household. It also comes at a much more efficient rate than conventional techniques. It’s a relatively simple modification to adjust your geothermal system to do so. Then you can enable all of the hot water to be stored in your water heater for later use.
Additionally, while your system is going through a cooling cycle, all of the heat extracted from the ground is redirected from your home to the water heater. In a nutshell, this will give you an endless supply of hot water that’s guaranteed to deliver for as long as your system is functioning.

4. Geothermal systems are quiet
While traditional heating and cooling system emit noise that can be fairly annoying (especially in the dead of night), the geothermal system emits little to zero noise. They essentially work on the same principles as a refrigerator. Operating silently, dependable and always there when you need it.

5. Low maintenance
While geothermal energy systems aren’t as popular as your mainstream renewable energy resources, they are a form of renewable energy you should consider for your home. Their essential parts are housed indoors and the modest amount of moving parts makes their life expectancy high.

This allows most systems to have a warranty of up to 25 years. That’s 5 years longer than their average lifespan, making this essentially a lifetime warranty for a convenient, safe and environmentally conscious upgrade for your home.

Have you considered installing a geothermal system in your home? Contact Supreme Service Today in Baltimore today to see how we can help you choose geothermal energy.