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Frederick County Geothermal Heating & Cooling


Providing service for the following cities: Mount Airy, Dickerson, Monrovia, Ijamsville

Geothermal Energy has been called the greenest way to provide heating and cooling for your home. Why? Because it takes advantage of one of the Earth’s natural, renewable energy sources that is pollution free, and sitting literally right under the grass in your yard. Supreme Air LLC specializes in geothermal energy solutions. We are a Water Furnace GeoPro Master Dealer which means even if you haven’t worked with us yet, you can trust that we are technically advanced, and a trusted Frederick County geothermal installer.

Frederick, MD

Frederick County Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Geothermal Heat Pump – How Do They Work?

Normal heat pumps are all electric devices and are also known as an air source heat pump. In the Summer, an air source heat pump works just like a normal air conditioner does. It compresses refrigerant and dissipates the heat energy into the outside air. In the Winter, it provides heating by extracting heat energy from the air outside. Even when the air is cold, there is some heat energy in it. However, when our Frederick County winters dive down really cold, an air source heat pump won’t be able to keep up, and your electric bill will skyrocket. This is why most people heat with a gas furnace in the extreme cold.

A geothermal heat pump acts similar to an air source heat pump, except it uses the constant temperature from the Earth to extract heat energy in the Winter and dissipate heat energy in the Summer. The Earth’s core temperature remains constant regardless of the outside temperature. This means that adopting a heat pump to use geothermal energy is ideal because the constant thermal condition makes it easier to heat and cool.

Different types of loop systems are used depending on the property you own. All are effective, but some just cost more to initially implement. To see more about the loop systems available read Frederick Geothermal Energy.

A Contractor You Can Trust

If you want the highest possible efficiency in heating and cooling for your Maryland home, you’ve come to the right place. As a Water Furnace GeoPro Master Dealer, we will completely take care of you beginning with the initial estimate, then planning, installation and support after the sale. Our customers like us, and you will too.

We service the following cities in Frederick County: Mount Airy, Dickerson, Monrovia, Ijamsville

Visit our Service Areas page for a complete listing of counties and cities we serve. Or call us today at 410-600-7812 and find out how we can help you experience the joys of high-efficiency heating and cooling for your Maryland home!

Cost savings to consider when thinking about a geothermal energy solution:

The ability to offer geothermal financing for our Maryland customers is something that makes Supreme Air stand out. The initial investment of installing a geothermal heating and cooling system can seem expensive at first, but once you take a look at the big picture; it can be a reality for just about any homeowner.

Here is an example: If your system is 10 years old or more, you probably should be starting to look at replacement options. This is where geothermal can currently be less expensive than a conventional system! A high-efficiency conventional system can cost anywhere between 8-12K depending on the system size type, etc. A geothermal system can cost between 20-25K initially. However, once you deduct your federal tax credit (30% of installed cost), state rebate of $3000, county property tax credits up to $5,000, and utility rebates of $1,800 your new geothermal system can even be less expensive than a conventional installation.

Plus a geothermal system has an industry average life expectancy of 20-25 years. You will typically replace a conventional system 2 times before you will have to replace a geothermal system once. When a geothermal system is replaced, you only pay for the equipment change out. The heat exchanger (ground loops) will last 50+ years!

The above cost comparison doesn’t even take into account the decreased energy usage you will experience. This can be up to 70% lower than your existing system!

If you finance the system for 12 months same as cash, this will give you 12 months to receive credits and incentives, so your out of pocket cost is the same as if you chose to install a conventional HVAC system. Or you can obtain financing over an extended period of time, and your energy savings can cover the payment.

Contact us today for more information about experiencing the peace of mind and cost savings that comes with a geothermal heat pump installation!

A Geothermal system designed and installed by Supreme Air is a No Brainer once you understand the True Cost of Ownership!

Example: 2,000 sq. ft. Home Geothermal System Investment

Initial Geothermal Investment Starting At: $25,000
(Turn Key Cost)

30% Federal Tax credit:                                        -$7,500
(Not Deduction this amount is Like cash
towards your federal taxes – No Cap*)

Maryland Renewable Energy Grant:              -$3,000
(Check from the state of Maryland)

Local Utility Provider:                                         -$1,500
(Check from the utility company)

Net Investment:                                                        $13,000

-$8,000 (Est.Cost Repl. Traditional Heating & Cooling System ).

-$1,350 (Est. Energy Savings Per Year)**.

25 year Geothermal System Life Expectancy.

50+ year Closed Loop Life Expectancy.

Lowest maintenance cost of all HVAC systems.

*please consult with tax professional to make sure you qualify.

**Source- Water Furnace savings calculator – 2,000 sq. ft. home with heat pump.

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